Installing dfuse for EOSIO requires two programs:

  1. dfuseeos
  2. A deep-mind-enabled nodeos

Installing dfuseeos

  • Download pre-compiled binaries from the GitHub Releases page.
  • Put the binary dfuseeos in your PATH.

To install from source, refer to

Installing a deep-mind-enabled nodeos

dfuse for EOSIO requires a deep-mind enabled nodeos binary. At the time of writing, the patch necessary for dfuse to function has been merged into but has not yet been published in a new release. Version v2.0 is known not to have the deep-mind patch. Subsequent releases should have all that is necessary.

The current source code can be found on branch release/2.0.x-dm under fork of EOSIO software.


  • It is safe to use this forked version as a replacement for your current installation, all special instrumentations are gated around a config option (i.e. deep-mind = true) that is off by default.

  • This instrumentation has been merged in the upstream develop branch, but is not yet in a release:

Mac OS X:

Mac OS X Brew Install

brew install dfuse-io/tap/eosio

Mac OS X Brew Uninstall

brew remove eosio

Ubuntu Linux:

Ubuntu 18.04 Package Install

sudo apt install ./eosio_2.0.5-dm.12.0-1-ubuntu-18.04_amd64.deb

Ubuntu 16.04 Package Install

sudo apt install ./eosio_2.0.5-dm.12.0-1-ubuntu-16.04_amd64.deb

Ubuntu Package Uninstall

sudo apt remove eosio

RPM-based (CentOS, Amazon Linux, etc.):

RPM Package Install

sudo yum install ./eosio-2.0.5-dm.12.0-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

RPM Package Uninstall

sudo yum remove eosio