Search Terms

Example queries

  • account:eosio.token receiver:eosio.token (data.from:eoscanadacom OR
  • (auth:eoscanadacom OR receiver:eoscanadacom)
  • account:eosio.token action:transfer
  • (ram.consumed:eoscanadacom OR ram.released:eoscanadacom)
  • receiver:eosio.token db.table:stats

Available query fields

These are the prefixes or fields available for query:

  • action: is the name of the action executed
  • account: matches the account called on the action. Not to be mixed up with receiver. This will match notifications sent from a contract to another account.
  • receiver: means the account with code that has executed the action. This is unambiguous.
  • act_digest: the 16 first hex characters of the hash of the binary action payload
  • auth: means the action was signed with the authority of a given account. The field has two formats:
    • auth:account an account, irrespective of the permission which signed the transaction
    • auth:account@perm an account and specific permission that signed the transaction, in which this action was declared.
  • scheduled:true will match deferred transactions
  • notif:true will match only notifications, excluding input action or other inline actions.
  • input:true will match only the top-level actions (those present in the original transactions, and not as a side effect of contract execution).
  • data.sub.fields: a good number of action-specific fields can be matched for equality. Ex: data.from and (present in transfer operations).
    • lists are flattened, and terms matched when the query is present in the list.
    • nested documents fields are separated by ., so will match the action data: {"data": {"user": {"id": "hello"}}}
    • Here is a non-exhaustive list of data.* attributes currently indexed: data.from,, data.account,, data.creator, data.executer,, data.owner, data.permission, data.producer, data.proposal_name, data.producer_key, data.proposal_hash, data.proposer, data.producers.* (nested), data.voter_name and many more….
  • Hashed data attributes:
    • data.abi:SHA256 matches setabi actions with an ABI data hashing to a given SHA256 fingerprint
    • data.code:SHA256 matches setcode actions with an ABI data hashing to a given SHA256 fingerprint
  • RAM operations incurred by action:
    • ram.consumed: is set to accounts that have consumed some RAM during an action
    • ram.released: is set to accounts that have released some RAM during an action
  • Database operations applied by action. All values are name-encoded.
    • db.table: supports two values:
      • [table_name]/[scope]
      • [table_name]
    • All the fields therein are name-encoded (even if somethings it can be the empty string), and are separated by the / character.